Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Pictures

I know y'all need some eye candy while you are anxiously waiting on pictures of Lily! Trust me, so are we.

The "Japanese Upper Room"

Entering the construction zone!

Here is our door:

Sitting hallway (can't even really be called a room):

The computer corner:


Look what is growing outside the house...Lilies!!!

Also there are lots of cherry trees. I tried a cherry this morning. It was good, but sour.

After church with our new friends: Zlatah, Igor and their daughter Katherine!

We were treated to lunch by the Italian family downstairs. Good pasta from Sicily plus lots of computer-translated conversation :). Right now we are waiting for them to return from their afternoon visit so that we can use their washer. Then later tonight we are going to go to Igor and Zlatah's house for dinner. We are praising God for bringing these new friends to us here, especially when we can't really even cook our own meals.


Dianne said...

I am familiar with housing under-construction situations. I know it can be rough, especially when your only real sink is in the bathroom. It can seem better than camping at times (a roof in the rain) and worse than camping at other times. You and Rob can surely come up with creative solutions to be sufficiently comfortable for the week, even if it's not the perfect home away from home. Enjoy the adventure!

Nan and Dan said...

cannot wait to see pics tomorrow!!!! hugs!!
praying for quick paperwork!