Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Housing Sit-Com

I really feel like we are living in a sit-com these last few days with our housing situation. The basic problem is that there are more adopting families than there are available apartments :). Right now we are staying in an "upper room" in a larger house. Downstairs is an Italian family and the rest of the house is under construction. We have to walk through a construction zone to get to our door!

The room itself is very nice. It is decorated in a Japanese theme (which really cracks me up since we're no where near Japan), and has its own small bathroom. It is a nice place for a few nights if you eat out every meal. The two main problems are that it doesn't have a kitchen or a washer, so it is not a long-term solution.

Our in-region lawyer and translator have worked very, very hard to find us a "real" apartment, but there are just none available right now. On Thursday there is an apartment that will open up, so we will move there when that happens. Until then we are being creative :).

Yesterday we met the Italian family downstairs and they graciously allowed us to borrow some dishes and their microwave. We can also use their washer. And, in good Italian fashion, they invited us to have some Italian coffee (yum, yum!) and Sunday lunch with them today. They told us they brought pasta from Sicily, only the best! LOL.

Coffee with them yesterday was a hoot. They don't speak English, we don't speak Italian and neither of us speak the local language! Thank goodness for the internet! We took turns typing sentences into a translating program online. When we finally get to visit Lily we will be able to share the taxi with them.

Pictures and more coming later today :). Right now it's off to church!

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