Thursday, June 23, 2011

Through The Looking Glass

Have I mentioned that I hate chicken pox??? We aren't allowed in the room where Lily is, we can only watch her through a window.

"Hey there, Mama"
"Is it time to go home, yet?"
"Seriously, I'm ready."
"How much longer do I have to wait?"
"Look what I can do!"


Nan and Dan said...

soon honey!! you will hold her for the rest of her life!!!!!!!
As hard as this is, at least you can mark off chicken pox on her list of illnesses.
So happy to see her looking right at you and standing up!!!!
i hope she gets over the chix pox soon and gets to play with her mommy and daddy!!!

Julia said...

Oh that makes me so sad that you can't go in there and hold her!!! She looks so squishably cute - even with all that green stuff smeared all over her face. My dad is completely smitten. He is SO PROUD of his little girl.

Carla Dobs said...

This is a hard one to deal with...

but at least you are THERE!! You will have her in your arms and home forever soon!!!


Jill said...

So sorry you can't hold her. :-( Can't imagine how hard that is. Praying she's better soon!