Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Lil(y) Update

Lily's fever was down today and she is not getting any new pox. Those are both good signs that she is on the mend! The plan is for her to be transferred back to the orphanage on Monday. I hope that means we will get two REAL visits with her on Monday but I'm not sure.

We've cut back our hospital visits to once per day and we may not even go over the weekend. The main reason is the hospital staff are frustrated with us and plus, there's really nothing we can do. I just feel defeated at this point.

We have our court date: Wednesday, June 29 at 9:00am! It would be sooner but this coming Monday and Tuesday are holidays. I guess that gives us at least one solid day of visits before she's legally ours, LOL! Ok, I'm not really LOL-ing here. But that is a fast court date, praise the Lord. And it seems that Lily will be well enough by then to leave the orphanage FOREVER!!!

Tomorrow we are moving to a real apartment downtown. Goodbye, Japanese Upper Room!


one_plustwins said...

Oh, to have court soon!!!! I will keep praying for you guys, Jess.

Julia said...

THAT IS A VERY FAST COURT DATE!! Praise God!! I know you guys are frustrated with not being able to hold and love on that sweet baby. Hang in there. Only a few more weeks and you will never have to put her down again!!

jeanette said...

Hi Rob & Jess:
I can't even begin to imagine all the emotions that you are going through. Know that you are being covered in prayer by so many people. I just looked back at your original schedule that you posted and Wednesday was your "dream date" for court. How awesome is that!! God hears our prayers and answers ... even if sometimes the journey is a bit different then what we planned! Can't wait to meet Lily!

Lisa said...

Jess, I am SO glad you are posting while in country- I feel like we are right there with you and praying with you for all the details. She is so beautiful! xoxo

Nan and Dan said...

praying sweetie!!
hoping the big move gives you something to do!
good luck,

schoolmother said...

Bless your hearts. So sorry that you really haven't been able to have real visits due to chicken pox. That has to be very tough. She sure is a cutie in spite of her colorful face. Praying for you right now.

Shari79 said...

Wow! That was amazingly fast. I'm sorry to hear the hospital staff hasn't been more understanding :( Thinking of you guys and hoping you get some REAL visits before court!