Saturday, June 18, 2011

I Hate Chicken Pox

Here is more of the story from yesterday:

We got to the orphanage at 5pm, which is late for a Friday. They did us a huge favor waiting for us. We put these blue plastic footies over our shoes (like the kind you would wear in a surgery room) and were ushered though hallways, up stairs, down stairs, though more doors and hallways, and finally into a room with a couch and a desk. One of the doctors began to tell us Lily's story. Shortly after they brought her in to the room.

I asked if we could take pictures, but they said they would need to get permission from the head doctor and she was gone for the weekend. I couldn't believe it. We listened to her history and held her.

She is more active than I expected. It was nearly dinner time and she kept putting everything in her mouth and trying to suck it, or throw it. She definitely doesn't know how to play with toys yet. We were told she could crawl but we didn't get a chance to see if that was true. I think she can sit up on her own, but again we didn't get a chance to test that. She is tiny, but with long arms and legs. She weighs only 17 lbs and she is 27 months old. Developmentally she is like an eight-month old. Her head seemed really small to me, but maybe that is common for DS? For us math geeks: she was born on Pi Day (March 14, 3-14)!

She didn't seem to care who held her. A few times I got her to look at me and she put her hands on my face. She did the same with Rob and especially his beard. Then as they were taking her away for dinner she started planting sloppy wet kisses on his cheek :). Then she was gone, just like that.

We were ushered out of the room and back the way we came, then suddenly we stopped for a minute. Then we turned around, retraced our steps and went back to the exact same room. Rob and I had no idea what was going on. Then the head doctor came in! Apparently she was there, just in a meeting. Of course it was too late for photos, they had already taken Lily away. We went to the head doctor's office and she asked us lots of questions, but she was very friendly and kind.

She told us right away that her groupa has been exposed to chicken pox and is quarantined. In fact, this same groupa has been quarantined since FEBRUARY for chicken pox! What that means for us is we cannot visit her on the weekends because the head doctor is not there, and we can only visit her once per day instead of twice per day. I have no idea how long our visits will be.

I fought to be able to visit her over the weekend, but got nowhere. I was so upset. So, we will see her again on Monday and we SHOULD be able to take pictures, dang it!!!! I miss her already. It is so frustrating to be here and not able to see her. I mean, that is why we are here!!!

Prayer Requests:
~~ Housing situation
~~ That Lily would NOT break out in a rash, who knows what wrenches that would throw in the process.
~~ That we would be able to visit Lily twice per day after Monday
~~ Bonding with Lily
~~ Speedy paperwork process and fast court date

Thanks for your prayers!! Some of them were answered today and I'll share more about that tomorrow.


Carla Dobs said...

Thanks for the update...I am obsessively following along, hoping we get there for our Henry next month...

Keep us misted as much as you can!


Heidi said...

Praying! KUP.

one_plustwins said...

Just an FYI 3-21 is World Down syndrome Awareness Day too :)

Ok, 17 lbs at 27 months is NOT too terribly small for a child with Down syndrome. She is below the 5th percentile but not terribly below it.

you can check here for more

Mel said...

She sounds a lot like Timothy in the throwing, mouthing, etc. Hang in there Jess... enjoy the time you have with her there, before you know it you will be home and have her forever!! :) Praying in Iowa!! :)

Nancy said...

I bet we get the Japanese room after ya'll move out :)

Michelle Z said...

Zara's always been a little camera shy -- we didn't have a picture of her on the RR website for so long. I worried we'd never find her a family -- it was so exciting when we finally got to post her picture!

I'm sure she's even lovelier in person -- can't wait to see the pictures when you're finally allowed to take them :)

What an adventure you're having! It's all worth it in the end, I promise!!

Alexis said...

I love your comment about Pi Day! As soon as I saw Lily's birthday, that was my first thought! Love you guys!

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