Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lily's Story

Here is Lily Anna's story as we learned from the orphanage doctors:

Lily was born on March 14, 2009. She was carried to term but delivered by C-section because she was breech. Her weight at birth was 8.6 pounds and her height was 20.5 inches. 

She was immediately hospitalized and diagnosed with Down syndrome. She was the mother's second birth. 

She has a healthy brother who was born in 1994. Her parents refused her at birth and signed the documents necessary for Lily to be adopted.

Lily arrived at the orphanage on April 16, 2009. She has not had a single visitor :(

All of her other medical diagnoses are secondary to Down syndrome. She has a heart defect and had "high lung hypertensity" but they were unable to diagnose the specific defect. The heart surgery she had was an exploratory procedure to get a better diagnosis, performed in April, 2010. At the time it was determined that a second exploratory procedure was needed to finish the diagnosis, but a series of fevers and illnesses prevented that procedure from occurring.

She has an umbilical hernia and surgery is recommended.

At her one year check-up she was diagnosed with "talking and movement disorders" and strabismus. At her second year check-up she was pronounced generally healthy, but with richitis and a poor immune system. Also her strabismus was said to be gone (we're not sure that's actually the case).

That's it.

No more, Lily Anna. You will have visitors every day of your life from now on, and a Mommy and Daddy to call your very own :)


one_plustwins said...

Awww, her poor little face with the antiseptic on it. GOD has BLESSED YOU BEYOND COMPARE sweet child.

Jess, I am in tears here. I am so happy for you. So. VERY. HAPPY.

Rachel said...

brought tears to my eyes!! you guys are doing such an amazing thing for this precious little girl.

Amy L said...

Bless her heart.....Praise God Mommy and Daddy are there right now! No more lonely days for this little princess!:)
Amy Lucas

Lisa said...

Jess- tears and what a beautiful lucky girl to have you as a momma

Mel said...

YAY!! Praise the Lord for Mommy & Daddy!! I had to giggle at the green medicine though.. ugh!!

Tina said...

Wow, so hart breaking to hear how her life has been this far! But no more little one! U will be loved and cherished!

Stephanie said...

One Less Orphan!!! Praise the Lord!!!! She is beautiful. Her history made me cry. No more, no more. Life begins NOW!!!!!

Stephanie Lynch

Kellan's momma said...

Yay for Lily getting a forever family, and yay for you for giving her life!!

Leslie said...

So thankful that beautiful Lily Anna's story is changing now!!!

Alexis said...

Jess, Lily seems so precious! I cannot wait to meet her! I'm praying for you all!