Friday, June 24, 2011

Today's Pictures

"Is that you, Daddy?"
"Why can't you pick me up?"
"A kiss through the glass just isn't the same."
"Hey everyone, thanks for praying for me!"
"I can even rock out."
"Ok, can we go home now?"
"I'm sick of this glass stuff."
"I'm pretty flexible, too."
Baby Tushie!!!!
"I like this rattle."
"Look at my long eyelashes!"
"And my belly button!"
"Ok, Paka (Bye)!"


one_plustwins said...


Julia said...

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!!! Oh she is adorable. Even with all that green goop pasted all over her. I know your arms long to reach in and get her. Soon. Soon!!!!!

heatherbrown said...

Adorable, sweet baby girl!