Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PHEW! We Made It!

Everything went smoothly except for the wait at the airport, but we are here in our little apartment now! We've got our phone, we got dinner at TGIF with a lot of other families: the McFarlands, the Millers, the Houses, the Cox's, Rachel Golden, and some others I didn't catch the names of (whoops!). I got to meet Mia and Gabe and Levi, too! It's so amazing to see them in "real life" after following their stories on their blogs for so long. 

Here are some pics of our apartment:

The Kitchen:

Breakfast Nook:


View # 1 (We're on the 15th (top) floor!)

View #2

View # 3

That white box near the ceiling is an AIR CONDITIONER!

A larger bed than I was expecting

Sitting area

Some fun signs:
If it looks like it says "Hot Topic", that's actually a Notary! They are everywhere.

And this last one is for Michaela...we're staying right behind this little library!

We have been blessed with beautiful weather today, great internet connections, air conditioning, and safe travels. Thank you all for your prayers! I don't know what we'll do tomorrow yet. I guess we'll explore a bit more around here, relax and hopefully meet up again with some other families. We're not going to Vorzel tomorrow, but hopefully on Friday. Please pray that God works out the details for that to happen!


Felicity said...

It all looks great - very exciting!

Nan and Dan said...

hee hee, that is the same apartment I stayed at :)
happy you made it!!! have fun:)

Kristi said...

Wow! You are staying in the same apartment we stayed in while we were in Kiev in February 2009!! Brings back such memories. I was so nervous that I could barely stand it. God is so good though! We brought home our beautiful, healthy 17 month old baby girl from Kharkiv 6 weeks later. The BEST experience of our lives. God's grace upon you while you embark on this life changing trip to bring Lily home!