Saturday, June 4, 2011

In-Country Schedule

This is my best guess as to what our schedule will be while we are in country:

Monday, June 13: Leave U.S.
Tuesday, June 14: Arrive in Capital City
Wednesday, June 15: Rest, visit Vorzel
Thursday, June 16: SDA appointment in the am, shopping in the pm
Friday, June 17: Pick up our referral in the pm
Saturday, June 18: Visit with friends/sightsee
Sunday, June 19: Church at Almaz, sightsee
Monday, June 20: Drive to Other City, meet with orphanage director & doctor, meet Lily! Officially accept referral

(the rest of this is pure speculation on my part)

Tuesday, June 21-Tuesday, June 28: Visit with Lily 2x/day and wait for court date
Wednesday, June 29: Court- Lily is ours!
Thursday, June 30: Paperwork day: obtain new birth certificate for Lily and apply for her passport
Friday, July 1: Pick up passport, GOTCHA DAY! Drive back to Capital City
Saturday, July 2: Visit with friends, book plane tickets home
Sunday, July 3: Church at Almaz
Monday, July 4: Eat a hamburger at McDonalds to celebrate July 4th
Tuesday, July 5: Embassy appointment & medical exam (this is also my birthday!)
Wednesday, July 6: Pick up Visa
Thursday, July 7: Depart for U.S.
Friday, July 8: Arrive in U.S.

That would be an amazingly fast schedule, but a girl can dream, right? The real unknown is how long we might wait for a court date. Time will tell how accurate my little prediction is :)


Mel said...

Are you going to an area that generally waives the 10 day waiting period? If so... LUCKY!! :) It will be fun to see how close you are on the timeline. My only word of advice... be flexible! :) Can't wait to see Lily!!

Mel said...

Ooops... also, don't be surprised if the Embassy is closed on the 4th of July... they observe American & that country's holidays. :)

Jill said...

Ah, Mel beat me to it. Yes, the embassy will be closed on the 4th. Other than that, I don't see a single thing wrong with your schedule. LOL

Jess said...

Mel- Yes, the region we are adopting from does waive the 10 days for special needs adoptions, but we'll pay an extra $1000 for it.

Thanks for catching my July 4th mistake! Instead we'll eat a hamburger at McDonald's and twiddle our thumbs while we wait for the Embassy to open Tuesday morning :)

Shari79 said...

I was going to ask the same question about the 10 day wait! Lucky you, that will be $1000 well spent :o) Can't wait to see your precious girl in your arms!