Monday, November 12, 2012

Time For An Update!

First things first....

It's A Girl!!!!

Lily is going to have a baby sister :)

The last few weeks Lily has had a communication explosion. She has mastered signing "more" (FINALLY!) and uses it for everything. She will come to me when she wants something and sign "more"...sometimes I have no idea what she wants!! But still, this is a HUGE breakthrough for her: she knows that if she wants something, she can come to me (or Rob) and tell us. 

Last weekend we went to visit the Suttles family. They adopted Alanna from the same orphanage just a few months before we adopted Lily! We joke that Lily and Lanna are former roommates :)  While we were visiting, Cara (Lanna's mom) got a few great pics of Lily:

Love these!

Lily giving Lanna a hug :)

We took Lily to her ENT doctor last week and she is scheduled to have a full sedation on Dec. 7 so they can clean out wax, drain fluid, possibly place tubes if the fluid is really thick, and do an ABR (auditory brainstem response) hearing test. Her behavior-based hearing test in September indicated some mild hearing loss (which we suspected), so we are hoping it's just fluid/wax. I'm also hoping that this will help her speech/language development when she can hear properly.