Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Poor, Neglected Blog Readers...

...if any of you still exist, ha! I owe you a big update. As I type this with one hand and hold six-week-old Ruby in the other hand:

Yes, miss Ruby Elaina was born on 3-3-13. So far Lily and Ruby merely coexist, although Lily will sign 'baby' when prompted.

Ruby is a pretty good baby overall. The big challenge is the two of them together.

As for Lily, she is making lots of progress. Our insurance approved her ABA therapy and we've been doing it for about two months. I have to admit, it has been rocking my world. I see almost every behavior differently now. We are constantly redirecting behaviors which has been incredibly exhausting and means someone must be physically by Lily's side at ALL times...but we are seeing progress. Her signing vocabulary has increased to 25 signs. Some maladaptive behaviors have decreased. Her fine motor skills are improving. Today she fed herself a bowl of applesauce without throwing the spoon ONCE and that is HUGE!

Here are two clips from our ABA sessions...the first is Lily signing 'bubbles':

This one is Lily matching colors:

Please keep on praying for us. To be completely honest with you, autism is kicking my butt. It's incredibly exhausting and frustrating and I feel like I have failed most days. Plus add having a newborn on top of that and, well, yeah. Let's just say we are in survival mode around here and will likely remain there for a while. Thanks :)