Friday, June 3, 2011

Plane Tickets: Check. House Sitter: Check.

Now that we have our date we were able to book our flights! We are flying out on Monday, June 13 from Dulles and will arrive in Capital City on Tuesday, June 14 at 1:15pm (local time). We will be flying on Lufthansa airlines. We booked one-way tickets because we don't know our return date yet.

We also have a house/cat sitter, Dianne! We are SO grateful that she is willing and able to live in our house while we are gone, take care of the kitties, mail and garden. Thank you Dianne!

I have had many people asking me how long we will be in country and why it takes so long, what we will be doing there, etc. I will save that for a later post :).

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