Friday, April 29, 2011

Yard Sale Tomorrow!

For anyone who is local, please stop by our yard sale tomorrow and shop for a cause!! All proceeds will benefit our adoption fund AND the missions trip to Ukraine.

Date: Saturday, April 30
Time: 7:30am - 1:00pm
Location: 130 Jackson Street (up the stairs from Bollo's in the old Red Cross building. Just follow the signs!)

Please spread the word!!

Also...our dossier was delivered today! (According to our tracking number, anyway.) I'm still waiting to get email confirmation from our facilitators in country, but it looks like we should be submitted next Thursday AND we're getting a refund from UPS!


Gwen S said...

I just came to your site from the RR page. I've been praying for many RR families and will add you to my list. I live in VA and have 3 kids -- 1 adopted, 2 bio, one w/DS. There is a great network in VA for the ARC and other organizations. My condolences on Riley. Congratulations on Zara!

Anonymous said...

How did the pancake breakfast and yard sale turn out? Praying it all went well.