Sunday, April 24, 2011

Please Pray For Our Dossier

Dear Friends,

We really need you to lift up our dossier in prayer. Right now our UPS tracking number is still only showing that a label was created, but never received and it hasn't been scanned anywhere at all. I mailed it on Thursday afternoon and it's now Sunday evening. The frustrating thing is that UPS "can't do anything" until it is officially late. The scheduled delivery date is Tues, 4-26, so they can't do anything until Wed, 4-27. I can't even begin to describe how frustrated I am right now.

I know that God knows where in the world (literally) our dossier is right now. It is possible that it is on its way and on time, it just keeps missing scans. My response to that is, well then what good is a tracking number?! One missed scan I can understand, but how does it keep missing them?!!? It's also possible that it got left on a truck or fell off a conveyer somewhere. That does not fill me with the greatest confidence, either. In fact, that DID happen the to the documents we mailed in January! I thought, what are the chances of that happening again?? Apparently pretty good.

I can't stress enough how important time is to us right now. Even if they find it in the truck a few days later, it is still going to be that much later arriving in country. Yes, we will get a refund if it is late (I did last time) but it is still LATE!!

Mostly I am just kicking myself for using UPS again after the mishap the first time. I do NOT recommend UPS for international shipping of small, flat packages. I think they do ok with large boxes but they can't seem to keep track of anything small. Ridiculous!

Please, please pray that everything turns out all right. I know God's timing is perfect but right now it is so hard not to worry.


Daelyn said...

Deep breaths!
God's timing is always perfect!

Praying for you!

Nicole said...

Don't let it stress you out too much! :) I had that happen to me once...turns out the label had just gotten wet and so the barcode wouldn't scan. I have faith that it will make it!
Praying for you and for little Zara! :)

Anonymous said...


Sandra said...

I'd like to say that both times I sent my dossier to Ukraine (when my dd came), it got "stuck" in Paris (the first time, NY the second) BUT it still got there in time. Both times I was freaking out, very concerned as it was lost or something, but somehow they just didn't update the system. Hopefully this is the case with yours