Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Dossier Is On Its Way!

Today I mailed our dossier (doss-ee-ay) to That Far Away Land!!

Here is all the paperwork laid out on our kitchen table:

Here is me kissing it goodbye:
I prayed over it and then off it went! The scheduled delivery date is Tues, 4-26-11. Please join me in praying that it DOES in fact arrive on Tuesday. Also, it would take a miracle for this to happen, but God is in the miracle business....pray that our dossier gets submitted on Thurs, 4-28-11. That only gives our facilitators one day to translate the whole thing (so probably not gonna happen) BUT we can always ask God, right???? Right!!!!

I have told a few people that I feel like I am entering the "third trimester" of paper-pregnancy. I am SO ready for this to be over. I just want to go get my girl. If I have to send one more piece of paper off to get apostilled I will throw up (or at least throw something). Right now I am thinking "NEVER, EVER AGAIN" as far as adoption goes. I'm sure once we meet her and get home and get settled my mind will change, but right now....ahh, paper-pregnancy hormones!!!

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Daelyn said...

Praying, praying, praying!

God bless!