Friday, April 15, 2011


Dear Bloggy Friends,

Some of you have written to me, publicly or privately, about this boy Vanya:

I know you mean well.

The fact is, we are not paper-ready to adopt Vanya. He is eight years old. Our homestudy and USCIS approval (aka, "Golden Ticket") are for children up to six years old.

We, too, are praying for a family for him. But, it's not us. God has a plan as only He can reveal.
"Dear Lord, we pray for You to send a family for Vanya. We know You have a plan and we trust in Your faithfulness. You set the lonely in families. You care about Vanya more than we can even imagine, and You are with him. Please, Lord, let Your glory be revealed in the miracle of finding a family for Vanya before it is too late. Amen."

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Nicki said...

Hey Jess! Just wanted to clarify that I sent you that link only because it was another story I thought you could identify with in some way... not because I was suggesting you adopt this particular child. I know you said you didn't want people emailing you saying "pick this kid" and I would never want you to think that was my intention.