Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crazy In Love With Masha

UPDATE: "Oh my!! Today while we were waiting for Carrington (Anastasia) we had about 15 minutes of watching the children in her groupa. Sitting right in front of us and just chatting away and smiling was little Masha!! Oh she is so so precious and smart and friendly!! She kept playing peek a boo with us and waving and talking to us in her language but never the less she was talking. The speech therapist came in to work with the kids and soon it was Masha's turn. But here is where it gets very sad....the doctors were there to do medicals for the children being transferred to the adult mental institute sometime in the next week and Masha is one of them. Oh Please someone come forward right now and be her family. Stop her from going where our sweet Reagan(Tori) is. We are getting such negative reports about where Reagan is and there is no way Masha belongs there. She just turned 4 in January and is maybe 18 month to 2 year size. Help her!"

Masha will be transferred NEXT WEEK! Someone please save her!


Ok, time to share the burden that has been on my heart....

Sweet little (and I do mean little!) Masha:
She just turned four years old. That's right, F-O-U-R! Does that look like a four-year-old to you???

Little Masha was born with FAS and she is in a very poor orphanage. You can tell just by looking at her, how little she is, she is undernourished and unstimulated. Her little body has literally stopped producing growth hormone because of the conditions she lives in. This past summer she weighed just 15 pounds. 15 POUNDS!

Oh, how I long to bring her home...but God has clearly told us "No" once again. She is in a different orphanage from Riley, one that transfers their kids to the institution immediately at the age of four. She has very little time left and needs a family NOW!

I have struggled with not being that family, but God has a plan. God has a plan for Masha, and He cares about her more than I can ever understand.
Are you my mother?!
You can check our her page on Reece's Rainbow here for more information about her. Right now she has a $5300 grant!

Stephanie is having a giveaway fundraiser for Masha, you can read more about it here. She's got some great items to give away, and the drawing will be held in just two days, Jan. 31!

I just donated to her Chip-In fund. Will you join me in doing the same? The more money she has in her grant fund, the more likely her family will step forward soon.

Most of all, please pray for Masha. Pray she will not be transferred before her family finds her. Pray for her new family, and pray for her grant fund to grow.


Anna said...

I would take her in a heart beat. Sigh. I'm praying her family will come soon!

PJH said...

I feel the same. I wish we could get her right now! I will be praying for her. She is too precious.