Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Unexpected Blessing

I have good news and better news:

1. The good news is that our first set of dossier paperwork made it to That Far Away Land on Monday! In case you are wondering, we cannot discuss on this blog what country we are adopting from. Many of you already know, and that's fine, and if you're curious you can send me an email. But this blog is too public (I have readers?!! lol) to go into details.

2. The better news: Remember how it cost $116? Well yesterday, as I was in my Vicodin-induced zombie-like state, I got a phone call from the UPS store. There is a sweet guy who works there, K., who has taken a personal interest in this package. We live in a small town and they don't do many international shipments. Anyway, K. called me yesterday and I tried not to sound like a druggie as he told me that he was requesting a refund for us! Apparently they will only refund $106 of our $116...the other $10 is a non-refundable fuel charge. But still! I'm a bit unclear as to why we are getting the refund...?! It either has something to do with the fact that our package didn't show up as being received for over 36 hours, or that it was supposed to be delivered on the 6th and instead made it there on the 10th. One of the two, I think. Either way, thank you God!!! Of course we'll just be using that refund to send more documents to That Far Away Land in the future...but it's the little things that keep you going :).

The cough that came with The Crud is still lingering, but I think getting better. I've also taken to wrapping my chest up in an ace bandage like a corset. It's amazing how good that feels! I've also decided to avoid Vicodin and am trying out Aleve today...pray for healing! I don't want to start teaching next week with my chest wrapped in an ace bandage, using only my right arm :).


Cathy and Nick said...

I am praying that the "Crud" continues to improve and that Satan will figure out that you are WAY too tough to be deterred from your quest to spring Riley from his current life of no promise to a life of FULL promise with God and his forever family!

Jess said...

Thank you!! Your comment has been very encouraging this week. I keep telling myself, "WAY too tough"! :)