Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Family In Need

Our journey to adoption really began before Rob and I ever met.

It started with a family in need: Rob's friends Eric and Gina. They had a baby boy in 2004, named Gabriel, aka, Gabe.

Both Eric and Gina were working at the time and needed some help babysitting. Rob stepped in whenever he was needed, from the time Gabe was 3 months old.

Rob feeding Gabe in 2004

Gabe's 2nd birthday party, 2006
 When Rob and I started dating, I began helping take care of Gabe when it was needed.

Rob with Gabe in 2007
We always had a lot of fun with Gabe, and I especially loved taking him to the pool.

Gabe at the pool with me in 2007
Through caring for Gabe, both Rob and I came to realize how easily we could love and care for a child that wasn't biologically related to us.

Gabe with me at our wedding in 2008
Two years ago, Eric, Gina and Gabe moved to Oklahoma, but they come back to visit a few times a year as Gina has family in the area. They were in town this week and we got to spend a good bit of time with them, including breakfast at Denny's this morning.

Gabe and I at Denny's on 1-1-11
Sadly, the reason for their visit this time was for a funeral. Gina's brother, James Matthew McPeak ("Matt"), was murdered just before Christmas by his estranged wife and her boyfriend. They have two children, Gabe's cousins, E. and A. (names withheld for privacy).

Gabe's cousins
E. and A. are now living with Gabe's grandparents in Christiansburg. Eric and Gina started a blog and opened a fund for donations for these kids as they transition to a new life. So far they have raised almost $11,000! Some of the money will be used for immediate expenses, like building a bedroom for E. and A., and the rest will be saved for their future needs as they arise.

Please help us help this family in need. They could really use lots of prayers right now. The kids don't know what has happened yet, only that Mommy and Daddy are gone and not coming back for a long time. The kids cry for their daddy every night.

Prayers and donations of money or physical items (clothes, toys, etc) are greatly appreciated! Visit the blog for information on how to help.

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