Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm A New Year Warrior...

...for Vanessa and Lilly!
Basically what this means is that I am going to be praying and advocating specifically for these two beautiful girls until they find their families in 2011! I've essentially been doing that unofficially for Anya (who now has a family!), Timmy, and Ivan (who now both have HUGE grants!).

I chose to advocate for these specific girls because both have very serious heart conditions. They will not receive surgery for these conditions in their current county (it is considered a "waste"). Both are doing ok for now, but the danger of them dying is VERY REAL if they don't get the surgeries they need. Their only hope is an international adoption.

Both girls live in the same region in the same country, but are not biologically related so they cannot be adopted together. That means we need to find two separate families to save these beautiful girls.

And now...

I present...

Vanessa is diagnosed with Down syndrome and a heart condition. Isn't she beautiful??!! She was born in March 2009 and her nature is described as "calm". Go visit her page on Reece's Rainbow for more information! She currently has over $600 in her grant fund.

And last but not least...

I give you...

This sweet angel is also diagnosed with Down syndrome and a significant heart defect. She will turn 4 this February. That is the "dreaded age" when most children are transferred to a mental institution, and she will not live long there. She needs a family fast!! Right now she has $1000 in her grant fund. Visit her page on Reece's Rainbow for more information!

BOTH girls are available to Canadian families and single moms!

Please pray for their families to step forward soon!


Anna said...

I just found your blog a few days ago and really really love it! I can't wait to see Riley home!!

Just a quick question, Who do you contact about being a New Year Warrior? I'm very interested. I just keep picturing my new sister (Who we are adopting through RR...with Hydrocephalus!!) and how much I wished someone had advocated for her ect.

I hope Vanessa and Lilly find their family soon!!


Jess said...

Hi Joanna!

I'm so glad you found my blog! Who is your family adopting???

To be a New Year Warrior you need to email Michelle: michelle at reecesrainbow dot org. Tell her what child you want, your email and your blog address if you have one.


Anna said...

Thanks! I will have to get on the new years warrior thing. I won't be able to raise to much money but I can advocate!

My family is adopting 'Georgia'. She was able to get a shunt surgery in her country when she was 4 (She is 8 now). I am so, so thankful for the organization who funded her surgery. Seeing Timmy needing a shunt so badly hurts my heart because that was MY sister just a few years ago. Sigh. There is so much need in the world.

Thank you for your help with the new years warrior! And for all you did to advocate for Timmy and Ivan!

Anonymous said...

I would give anything to be able to bring Vanessa home. I've been in love with that face since I saw her show up on RR.

Alas, RR countries won't adopt to same-sex couples.

My heart breaks every day I see her face on RR.

I can't wait to see Riley come home and hopefully families soon for all the RR kids, including my little Vanessa.