Thursday, January 13, 2011

Timmy Has A Family!!

Oh I am SO excited to announce that Timmy has a committed family now!
Pray that Timmy gets home soon to his new family so he can get the surgery he needs so desperately!! I am PRAYING that I won't see either Timmy or Ivan again this summer...because it means they will be HOME! :)

Pic of the day:
This is how my kittens (Tika and Neko) help me write my dissertation:
Just makes me want to take a nap!


travcat said...

Your cats are cuties! So glad you are adopting little Riley!


kati said...

I cannot believe that Timmy has a home!!!! that is so amazing. Thank you Jesus and thank you family that is bringing him home.

Christina said...

Jess, I realized that I haven't been keeping up with your blog since December, so when I've had free time today I've been looking through your January posts...I can't believe how much God has answered prayers for these kids! So awesome! :)

love, Christina