Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Temper Tantrums" by Lily

Remember how I said Lily has been cranky lately? Here is what happens when she doesn't take her afternoon nap (which she hasn't done in several days):
I'm laughing in the video but it's really very frustrating because she will go on like this for HOURS. Today I decided I needed to find some humor in it, otherwise I'd go crazy...hence the video. Enjoy :)


Jolene said...

I am so sorry she's so crabby! I am going through the same thing with my little one who has been dealing with a throat infection for 3+ wks now. I'm at my wits end with the fits too. Makes me downright insane sometimes!

What are you feeding this girl? She's ginormous! So wonderful to see her filled out and healthier....now if only we can get both our girls orneriness figured out!

Jess said...

Jolene, she drinks PediaSure almost exclusively. The nutritionist at the hospital put her on this diet and our Ped agrees to keep her on it. We are introducing Stage 1 baby food from a spoon, but she really has no idea what to do with it. That's what happens when you've only been bottle-fed your whole life! She weighs 25 lbs now, up from 17lbs when we brought her home.

jabreman said...


I read your blog and have followed your journey for awhile. I found you through RR and follow many other families from the process through to coming home.

I wanted to respectfully offer another perspective on these behaviors of Lily's which you can ask one of her intervention professionals: might this be a form of repetitive stimulation behaviors (stimming) that are so familiar and common among kids adopted from orphanages? There is nothing wrong with this behaviors, but intervention can really help them...they are simple coping behaviors that help infants without parents regulate themselves emotionall, mentally and physically. They are very very treatable and tend to drive mommas crazy.

Just a thought. I noticed the patting of the binder and thought of it.

If you want some resources or links to other mommas and how they are handling them, please let me know.


Much love...she is so fabulous and doing so great! Frustration and all!

a reader/mom in Los Angeles

Jess said...

Hi Jane,

Yes, Lily has some stimming behaviors and patting everything is one of them. That one I don't really mind, to be honest...she can pat things all day long if she wants to (and does)! Her Early Intervention therapists think she does it to feel the vibrations, because she always puts her head down as well. So basically it's a way to give herself some additional sensory input. As she consistently gets enough sensory input in other ways (now that she is in a family) those behaviors should subside.

Thank you for reading and for your thoughts!

Annette said...

It is perfectly normal and healthy to laugh when you are frustrated by a toddler. You have the added task of having a toddler newly adopted and right out of open heart surgery. She has the right to be crabby and you have the priviledge to laugh out LOUD!
She looks great and I can not believe the strides she had made in such a short time. Keep up the good work. Blessings to you all!

Emilie said...

Hi, Jess,
Since I didn't get to sit with Lily when she was at UVA, I'd still love to come watch her for you some time if you would like that. I am available most days so let me know!


rosedel said...

She seems very "two" to me. Wanting to do everything but can't yet. Needing sleep but not wanting to give in to the need. I think laughing or being silly about it are perfectly wonderful ways to cope. What would she do if you put your head down on the floor and patted it? I loved how she uses her chin to pull herself up. Where there's a Lily there's a way! Keep taking videos. They will help you see all her growth and I really enjoy them! :)

Erik and Ashley said...

haha oh jess, just as i was getting on to look at your blog, julian (who had a fabulously long nap today) has been screaming his head off having an extended tantrum for like, ohhh i dunno, the last half hour or so - through his bath (which he normally loves), getting dressed, etc. etc. etc. life is SOOO hard when you're a toddler!! lol!! keep laughing, it's hard sometimes but it's the best survival mechanism for the parent. :D hugs! - ashley