Sunday, October 9, 2011

More Firsts And Lots Of Pictures

On Friday I took Lily to the pool for the first time. I didn't get any pictures because, well, I can't keep my camera dry and keep up with Lily at the same time :). She enjoyed it and we'll definitely be going back! One unexpected surprise was running into one of my former students there, who is working as a lifeguard. She's a sweet girl and it was really good to catch up with her.

On Saturday we took Lily to the pumpkin festival at Sinkland Farm and we had a great time!
Riding on Daddy's shoulders:
Petting a horse:
And a mule (or donkey, I don't remember):
Her first pony ride:
With Kerry on her first hayride:
Checkin out some pumpkins:
With Mommy on the hayride:
I got Lily some sneakers with good ankle support to help her with standing & walking. Children with low muscle tone often need that extra support. It took Rob & I about fifteen minutes to get them on her and she was screaming the whole time. She's probably never worn shoes like these ever before and she didn't know what to think. After they were on she was fine, however...
See, Lily, shoes aren't so bad...
And they can help you stand!
One prayer request: Lily was just plain crabby today and we can't figure out why. I feel like I need another weekend with Rob home but of course it's Sunday night and he goes back to work tomorrow. Please pray for extra helpings of patience for me as I'm home with her all week and less fussiness for Lily, and if there's something wrong then for us to figure out what it is. Thanks!


Jolene said...

Praying for you to have the patience you need and for anything that might be causing her crabbiness to be figured out quickly!

I had a week of my little one (20 months) screaming and being crabby...turned out to be a strep-like infection. Her throat was so sore and we had NO clue! No other symptoms and her ears were I'm hoping you get it figured out quicker than we did!

Leslie said...

Praying that y'all have a great week. Praying for patience and peace for you. Praying for health for Lily. It is so hard when they are fussy and you don't know what is wrong. Hope you get it figured out quickly!

Jo's Corner said...

A suggestion for putting on the sneakers: Sit her on your lap with her back against your chest. Bend her knee all the way and put her foot in. It's So hard to get high-tops on a foot when the leg is extended. Praying for Lily to feel better soon!