Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Progress Report

Blogging once a week is enough for ya'll, right?? Just kidding, I am really going to try to get better at updating.

Here is what Lily has been up to these days:

  • Cruising! She can officially cruise along furniture, and even transfer from one piece of furniture to another.
  • Climbing the stairs: she can go all the way up, and quickly!
  • Climbing on top of every box she can get her hands on.
  • Taking food from a spoon instead of her Nuk brush. She swallows some of the time, and only some of the food. We're still working on getting her to move the food from the front of her mouth to the back.
  • Trying to drink from a straw. She doesn't know how to close her lips all the way around it yet, so she can't get much liquid and gets frustrated easily because she knows it's in there :)
  • Pushing a stool around in the kitchen-both on her knees and on her feet! This girl is gonna be walking soon.
  • Saying "Ba-ba" for "bottle".
  • Signing "eat" with help.
  • Taking her glasses off as soon as I put them on. This is the reason I don't have any pictures of her wearing them yet :)
Every day seems to go by slowly, but every week goes by quickly! I don't know how that happens. This Friday we are headed back up to Charlottesville for a Down Syndrome clinic. We're not staying overnight, just up and back for Lily's appointment. I am hoping to get her chromosomes karyotyped so we can learn what type of DS she has, and also an x-ray of her neck to make sure she doesn't have any issues with her spine there (this can occur in children with DS).


rosedel said...

Wow, she is just moving along isn't she? Good luck at the clinic. I look forward to hearing about it.

Erik and Ashley said...

wow, she is doing amazing! i can't believe she's already saying ba-ba and cruising between furniture! and using a spoon!! that's awesome.

keep us posted on what you end up doing about her mittens...