Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lily Loves To Swing!

"Pssst, I want to tell you a secret..."
"Swinging is fun!"
"Really fun!"
Here is the best video I've got of her laughing:
And she started cruising on tall knees today:


CareBear said...

We used to have that same little music table. The kids LOVED it! She's looking absolutely great! Thanks for sharing her progress!

The Mac's House said...

Lily is doing awesome. Loved hearing her little giggle swinging.

Oh my she looks like she's got that foot ready to plant and push to a stand soon.

Look what love can do.

Annette said...

She looks so awesome. All she needed was a loving family!

ksaia said...

Oh my goodness, those swing pictures are ADORABLE!! Such joy!

Kelli said...

Wow. She's adorable and an amazing musician!! *giggles* Her laughing is the best!

Dianne said...

She looks much bigger than the last time I saw her (early August, probably). That and the smiles, laughter, attachment, and knee cruising is heart-warming to witness!