Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Patching: No, Glasses: Yes

Lily had her eye appointment this afternoon and we got some good news and some less-good news. By the way, no one told me to expect this appointment to take two hours! Who knew it took so long (30+ minutes) for eyes to dilate (I really didn't, I've never had glasses)?! Thank goodness I brought an extra bottle for entertainment.

Anyway, first the good news: Lily has no signs of cataracts or blocked tear ducts. The doctor also didn't see her right eye turning inward and didn't see any signs of one eye being weaker than the other. In other words, we don't need to do any patching right now. Yippee!!!

The less-good news: Lily is near sighted and needs glasses. Apparently the lens of her eye is near sighted, but she has a stigmatism (shape of the eyeball) that is far sighted, so they sorta cancel each other out, but not really. Hence the glasses.

We ordered this style frame (Miraflex Baby One):
In this color:
I decided to go with pink so people will stop thinking she's a boy. That, and I had to make a decision so fast and wasn't prepared to do it today, that I just went with the obvious color.

I have some seriously mixed feelings about Lily wearing glasses. I've known that she would likely need them at some point, but I was REALLY hoping that it could wait until she started school. I guess I just feel overwhelmed with everything else we're trying to do (teach her to eat solid foods, teach her to walk, stop her ear-scratching, etc), adding "keeping her glasses on" to the list is not very appealing.

That, and I'll just be completely honest here...brace yourself...I'm not sure if I'll like how she looks in them. Will I think they are cute, or will she just look silly in them? I feel like I am going to miss her face somehow, because it will be hiding behind the glasses. I like her without glasses. There, I said it. Can anyone else relate??

But of course I want her to be able to see clearly. That is something that I have taken for granted all my life, having "perfect" vision.

Mixed feelings indeed...


Kim said...

I'm sure I would feel the same way: overwhelmed with one more thing and unsure about how my kid would look and if I'd like it... I hope she has such a wonderful reaction to being able to see what she couldn't before that it makes it all worth it - to her and you. :)

Leslie said...

It is a hard thing to have to add glasses! I remember being sad when my oldest had to get them. You will think she is still just as cute!!! Her glasses will grow on you. And the blessing of clear vision is a sweet thing!

jabreman said...


I am a reader/mom in LA and follow many families who are adopting. Susanna, another adoptive mom just wrote about her daughter Verity getting glasses:


I thought it was very sweet and wanted to share it with you. Also, as a mom, I want you to know you are not alone in worrying if your girl will look good, your own feelings about it, etc...

I remember two years ago looking at my son and thinking he looked so perfect it made my heart explode. The very next day he fell and pushed his tooth up into his jaw (it took ten months to grow back in and has never looked the same!) AND one month after that he fell at the playground and has had a two inch scar next to eye ever since!

Ah, this mom's vanity!!!

And as you wrote...this is just ANOTHER challenge amidst so many others in your transition to parenthood...be gentle with yourself and super kind. You sound like an awesome momma!


Candice said...

Hi Jess,
I'm so glad that you got some great news! I just recently started babysitting a little girl during Hokie football games who wears glasses. They make her 10 times more adorable. She looks like the little American Girl doll Molly. Lily will be precious!

ksaia said...

Those glasses look adorable!! And I agree with Candice, most people think babies with glasses are even cuter! Also, my little sister (the one with health issues) has had to wear glasses since she was tiny too and she actually kept them on great because she liked being able to see! I'll pray that it turns out way better than you're expecting! You're doing such a great job with her!!

Erik and Olivia said...

Love reading your blog. :) Our 4 year old (home from Ukraine since January) wears Mira-Flex. At first I didn't like them (they are thick framed and look different) - but they have really helped her eyes. AND they have a cool strap that keeps them snugly in place. They also put up with lots of abuse. :)

Erik and Ashley said...

hang in there! i bet you will get used to seeing them in no time. someday not too far in the future you will look back at all this and think how fast time has flown, because she will have gotten so far! :) can't wait to meet her! hugs!