Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Update On Masha

Thank you, everyone, for sharing about Masha and praying for her. I found out this morning that a very generous donor has raised her grant fund to....drum roll...


I love to see God move this way. But she is still days from transfer and needs a family. The place where she will be transferred is one of the worst and she may not be adoptable after she is transferred. I just received word about the type of family who would qualify to be able to save her:

"I am waiting for a call back from our facilitation team about how quickly we would need to have a family THERE to adopt these children, and if it is even possible to postpone their transfer.   But anyone who is interested would have to be:
1)  financially comfortable enough to show a judge you have the resources to care for these children
2)  have private health insurance already in place
3)  be nearly PAPER READY....this means already approved in a *current* and completed home study to adopt two older children with significant special needs
4)  and either already have USCIS approval or just need to update it.  You need to be ready to travel SOON.  
We qualify on the first three, but not the last. We are also not able to travel soon.

But I know SOMEONE out there, is! If you qualify, email Andrea here!

Pray for them. Pray for Masha. Pray, pray, pray...God works miracles!!!


PJH said...

I will spread the word to some local families that have adopted in the past and may be "ready." I'm so happy to hear she got that huge donation!

Jess said...

Thanks, PJH!! Spread the word far and wide...let's find Masha's family!!!