Friday, February 11, 2011

Pendant Sale-DAY TWO! PAY-DAY!!

 UPDATE: We've sold 20 pendants so far!!!

And.....because I can't get enough of her...

Another new picture of Masha!

Ok ya'll, we're on to DAY TWO of our Pendant Sale! Yesterday we sold five pendants, and so far today we've sold at least one! Let's keep it up!!!

If you were waiting around until today to get is PAY-DAY!! These pendants are so affordable, though, please check them out!!!

We get $5 for every pendant sold!! Like this pretty one...
And if you buy an adoption or awareness pendant, Sarah will give an ADDITIONAL $5 to MASHA's grant fund!!
Check out this beautiful Breast Cancer Awareness pendant:
Don't forget to mention when you check out that it's for the StClair adoption fundraiser!!!

(If you forget to mention it, just send me an email and I'll let Sarah know).
Sarah keeps adding new pendants to her store every day, so please CHECK IT OUT!

Also....thank you to everyone who has shared this link! PLEASE continue to share!! We've only got one more day to go....
Yes. Yes he was.

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