Thursday, February 10, 2011



I would have posted this waaaay earlier today, but we just got back from WV to get our biometrics done :). It was quite an adventure that I'll share about in a later post.

But for now....

Today is FIRST DAY of our Pendant Sale Fundraiser!! Please go to Sarah's Treasure Box and check out the unique, affordable pendants she is selling! Today through Saturday, for every pendant sold Sarah will donate $5 to our adoption grant fund!

One of my favorites!


If you buy any of her adoption and awareness pendants she will donate an ADDITIONAL $5 to Masha's grant fund!!!! How cool is that?!!! So you can help us AND sweet Masha at the same time :).

One of her Awareness Pendants:

Things To Remember:
  1. They make great gifts!! Valentine's day is coming up!
  2. Sarah ships them super-fast!
  3. You MUST say when you check out that you are supporting the StClair adoption fundraiser. If you forget to mention it, just send me an email and I'll let Sarah know.
Please SHARE (blog, facebook, twitter, etc) this link so we can make this fundraiser as successful as possible!!


Kelly said...

Hi Jess,
I had a friend forward me your blog. We are also in Blacksburg. We are in the process of our second adoption. Our family blog is We are in the throws of a fundraiser..but if you scroll down some you can read a bit about our family, love of Jesus, and our passion for adoption.

I would love to meet up if you would like. We will be praying for your adoption journey to be smooth and quick!

Kelly Apisa

Gretchen Thibault said...

Hi there Jess-

I'm Gretchen. We adopted from the same place as Riley. I'm pretty sure I have seen him. When we got home and looked at the RR site I immediately recognized him. Trying to figure if it is him in any of my pictures, too. Contact me if you would like: