Saturday, August 27, 2011

Post-Op Day Three

(The internet went down after I typed this last night so I'm posting it this morning...)

This will be short and sweet.

  • No pictures today, Lily looks the same as yesterday.
  • She is still sedated, still intubated, and expected to be that way for most of the weekend. 
  • We'll definitely be in the PICU all weekend still. We are praying she gets to wake up before Rob has to go back home on Sunday :(
  • We got a room at the Ronald McDonald house today, so that's where we are staying now. More about that tomorrow.
Some prayer requests:

  1. That we would get moved to a private room in the PICU. That's the main reason we don't spend more time with Lily at the hospital, there just isn't room.
  2. That Lily will be extubated and woken up before Rob has to leave.
  3. Stabilization for Lily's blood pressure, heart rate, and fluids.
  4. That her fevers yesterday and today are not due to any infections, and for her to stay healthy.
  5. Healing for her pulmonary hypertension.
I realize not all of the above makes sense to everyone, but God knows what we need. Thanks for your prayers!


Kellan's momma said...

Lots of prayers for all your readers, esp for her to get to wake up before Daddy leaves!

Nan and Dan said...

praying for all of you!!!

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Praying for Lily and her mommy and daddy. :)