Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bonding-An Update

I've decided it's time for an update to this post on how Lily and I are doing! We are doing great, actually. She definitely prefers me to anyone else, even Daddy! She gets really excited when I come home from being out. She crawls to me all the time and "asks" me to pick her up and hold her. She is a snuggle bug.

This past Thursday she demonstrated stranger anxiety for the first time when her speech therapist came to work with her! That made it harder to get work done, but actually it is a really positive thing.

Truthfully, I am glad that it took us a few months to get to this point. It means that this attachment is probably the real thing, and not just a "trauma bond". Seems like God does know what He is doing after all! I really need to be reminded of that sometimes.

In other updates, I am feeling better (thank you for praying!) but today Lily woke up with a snotty nose. She seems to be feeling ok, though, so if you could pray that it passes quickly...that would be great! Also, here's a picture I took of her scar so you can see how nicely it's healing:
Aside from the scar you would never really know that she had open heart surgery just one month ago. She is doing so well!


Nicki said...

Jess, this is such a great update to get. You are so strong. I wish we could have had more time to talk today. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa said...

I love this little girl! <3

Masha Levchenko said...

i can't stop watching these pics! I enjoy them so much! Your daughter is so beautiful!

GrumpyJaxMomOf3 said...

I saw your family on RR, and saw that you were bringing (or ad just brought) your child home. I am so happy to see you that you have been able to bring your child home!!!

I am just starting a RR journey myself.


Erik and Ashley said...

fabulous!!!!!!! so excited for you!!!!!!