Friday, September 16, 2011

Early Intervention

Lily had her assessment for Early Intervention (EI) this week and it went great!! She will be getting speech therapy (ST) once per week and developmental therapy (DT) once per week. The DT just means everything but speech/feeding: gross & fine motor skills, physical therapy, etc. I am SO excited and I just LOVE all the therapists! Also, since they come to our house, we don't have to go anywhere! Best of all, it is FREE!

Here is where Lily tested:
Gross motor skills: 8-10 months. This is because she can pull to a stand but not stay up for more than a few seconds.
Fine motor skills: 6 months. She needs to work on picking up small objects, like Cheerios, with "pincher" fingers.
Cognitive ability: 12 months. She is a smart cookie and all her therapists are impressed with her :)
Social ability: 3 months. This makes perfect sense and doesn't bother me one bit because she's only been in a family for a little over 2 months. She will catch up fast with this.

As for speech/feeding, they had a lot of positive things to say:
1. She babbles a lot, so they think she will start talking fairly quickly!
2. She doesn't scream or gag when food is put into her mouth, which is a really good sign. Basically she just doesn't know what to do with the food! This is what I suspected so it was nice to have that confirmed.
3. Because of #2 above, they don't believe she has any sensory disorders with feeding! This is great, great news.

Overall I am thrilled. I can't wait to see how she knocks everyone's socks off with her development :)