Sunday, September 4, 2011


We should be discharged on Tuesday! The only thing keeping Lily here right now is her infection/antibiotics. HOWEVER, they just discovered that her particular bug is not resistant to Cipro, so they are probably going to switch her over to that. Since Cipro can be taken orally, that means they can remove the last IV! We hope that will happen today.

Ok, I just have to say that being at the hospital 24/7 is the most BORING thing ever. E.V.E.R. I have a whole new appreciation for what Lily experienced during the first two years of her life. GET US OUTTA HERE!!!!


one_plustwins said...

sooooo glad to hear you will be going home!!!!!!!

Jo's Corner said...

I'm so happy that Miss Lily is close to going home! All of the photos of her after surgery really made me sad! But, once again your Girl has been granted new life! My niece, Brynn (18 yrs.) had the same heart defects. Seeing Lily brought back many memories of Brynn's surgeries. It's so difficult to see a baby in pain and not be able to do much to help. I was so excited when I read the post where the cardiologist said they COULD repair her heart! On a side note, I became Septic on Thanksgiving day, 2009 and had a fever up to 103 every day for 43 days! I WAS hospitalized 3 times for IV antibiotics, but did not get better. On January 4th, I drove myself to the ER (With a temp of 107.4!!) and was airlifted to Mayo Clinic. They did the correct blood cultures (finally) and discovered that I had the same bacteria in my blood that Lily has. I also had yeast growing in my blood, so 2 infections. It was horrific and I know how badly she has felt, aside from the OH surgery. It took a long time to recover, after spending almost 6 weeks inpatient for IV antibiotics/anti-fungal meds. They figured out that all of the iv antibiotics that I'd had in the 5 week period prior to my Mayo admission, had caused the yeast infection. As you probably know, it is quite common for women to get vaginal yeast infections from antibiotics. But, it is NOT normal for it to get in your blood stream. I would be on the look for any signs of a yeast infection in Lily. If she does get one, it is easy to treat. But, should she ever develop an extremely high fever, suggest blood cultures that are specific for a fungal infection. Because she has had IV's and a central line/indwelling catheter, she would be more at risk. It IS rare, but can happen. I'll continue to Pray for ALL of your family and that your Sweetie Girl will Heal and thrive now that her heart is corrected! (Oh, I have to say that I'm a bit envious of Julia N. getting to love on Lily!) ; ) Just teasing, but I would be there to help if I lived near you all! Have a Blessed day & may things go smoothly at home! Love in Him! ~ Jo