Friday, December 24, 2010

Paperwork Delays and Setbacks

Well, the inevitable has happened: we've hit our first "speedbumps" on our paper chase. Not big ones, thank goodness, but manageable.

First of all, Rob's passport expires at the end of August. I noticed it months ago, but didn't think it was a big deal. I remember thinking, "Oh, we'll just renew it before we leave". Well, I found out last week from our WONDERFUL dossier prep buddy that renewing a passport means a new passport number. In fact, it's basically reapplying for a passport: new picture, full fees, etc. What that means is that EVERY document that has Rob's passport number on it will have to be redone...AFTER he gets it renewed! Needless to say, Rob went to the post office yesterday, got his new picture taken, and sent it overnight to the passport processing office and we payed for expedited processing (about $200). We hope to get it back in 2-3 weeks.

The good news is that the documents that need to be sent to Riley's country ASAP don't need our passport numbers. One of the documents had it on there, so we have to remove that and get it re-notarized, then send them all for apostilles (I'll explain those in another post). Another good thing is that our homestudy doesn't mention our passport numbers.

The bad news is that our application to US Immigration needs the passport number, plus a photocopy of the new passport. AND the fees JUST got raised, so the cashier's check I got ready in October will have to be voided and get a new one with the updated fees. PLUS I found out that I filled out the main form incorrectly. Thank GOODNESS we haven't mailed that thing yet! Lots of work to do on it still.

At least our homestudy is done :). We're now listed under "Compiling Dossier" on the RR website, hooray!

UPDATE on Timmy: Leanne has started a blog to fundraise for Timmy and Ivan (now deceased), so here is the url:

Please, please check it out and consider donating to Timmy's fund. And please pray for Timmy and Anya's families to come forward soon. Anya's grant fund is now over $7000!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jess!

We were also considering international adoption with my husband, but we found that unfortunately we cannot afford the procedure at the moment.
I was looking at Reece's Rainbow quite often too, and also loved the picture of Riley. I am happy that he will soon be home with you safe and for forever! :)
I think one of the adoptive families has taken some pictures of him over the summer while they were in Ukraine to adopt their son:

I guess he might be the cute "Mr. Personality" mentioned in the text and there are also four pictures of him - or at least I think it is him. :)

We wish you all the very best,

Sofie and Norbert

Leslie said...

Praying that you are able to get the new passport and all the papers completed quickly!

Thanks for posting about Anya. I've been working to raise funds for her and praying for her!!! I am in the "waiting on dh" camp and hope that one day, it will be our turn to go rescue a princess.

Blessings to you!

Jess said...

Sofie- Thanks so much for posting that link! My husband and I looked over the pictures very carefully and we're not convinced that it is Riley. I will email the blog author to verify what orphanage they went to just to be sure. Whoever he is, he sure is a cutie pie!!

Leslie-I'll be praying for your "dh" to come around soon. :) Luckily I didn't have to wait that long for mine, but he was freaked out at first. But God is able to work miracles in ANY heart!