Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley, it's your birthday!
We can't WAIT to have you home next year!!

And a big THANK YOU to everyone who gave Riley a birthday present! We reached our weekly goal of $2000 raised!

To be honest, I was a bit nervous to do the One-Week Challenge. I was mostly just afraid that we wouldn't make it. But I realized I can't let fear get in the way, or I'll never get anything done! Thanks to everyone who made it happen.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you...happy birthday dear Riley...happy birthday to YOU! Your friends in WI donated $12 in honor of your special day. ($2 from each of us since it's your 2nd birthday.)
Happy Birthday little guy!!

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday, Riley!!! :) We sent you a gift too, and we are praying for you and your mommy and daddy :) Jesus loves you very much!

oneblessedlife said...

Happy Birthday, cutest little boy!!!

Ann said...

I'm a stranger, but grew up in Blacksburg, so was drawn to give to your family. GIven with many prayers for Riley for a Christmas gift to my sister Alli who loves kids with special needs and is studying to be a physical therapist!