Monday, December 13, 2010

Birthday Party Pictures!

One thing that has been a bit frustrating for me is that I just don't have many pictures to post! I think a good blog needs pictures. So I am THRILLED to finally post some pictures from Riley's birthday party last week! My dear friend Holly took these for me. I think I will space them out over the course of the week so we don't go on picture overload here. :)

To start with, during the church service I told the kids about Riley. They are so excited to meet him.
We discussed his HIV status and I was impressed that one of the kids even knew what that was. I explained what it meant and that they couldn't catch it from Riley.

Then the kids made Birthday cards for Riley.
In case you can't read that on the card, it says "I hope you learn English, love Katie".  We talked about how Riley doesn't speak English yet and so they will have to help him learn.

Here's all the kids holding the cards they made for Riley.
After church we had the potluck/party complete with cupcake tower:
And we sang "Happy Birthday" and the kids blew out the candles:
More pics to come later, stay tuned!


Jodi said...

Hi and congratulations!!! We're an RR family and adopted from #20 8 months ago :) :) It's the BEST region you could go to! We LOVED everything about it. Made awesome friends there and if you want a really good, sweet cab driver...just let me know! Our email is if you have questions about the region or anything else :)


Jodi which has now been switched to Mixed Nuts ;)

Dianne said...

Awesome pictures of the Birthday party and all. I didn't look at them all until today, but definitely did not go into picture overload. I will keep praying for your fundraising so that Riley really can come home to both your home and become part of our church family. It's heart-warming to see the church family embrace this whole thing.