Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OH!...My Heart is Breaking...

I just received some very sad news. A little boy named "Ivan" from the same orphanage as Anya has passed away. He had untreated hydrocephalus and was denied life-saving surgery. I have met this boy. Twice. He was as sweet as can be.
Ivan, 2010
At least now he is in Heaven and no longer in pain.

This hits so close to home for me. The need is real. The danger of these children dying is real. Their only hope is an international adoption.

Here's another little boy in the same group as Ivan, "Timmy":
Timmy, 2010

I have also met Timmy twice. This past summer when I visited him he was in a "laying room", just in a crib left to do Nothing. He is almost 5 and about the size of a one-year-old. When we went into the room he was clutching his head and moaning, "Mama..mama...". We didn't need our translators to understand that one. We started gently touching his arms and legs and he responded instantly by giggling and laughing. Then he told us that his head hurt. Oh, my heart.

Timmy has also been denied life-saving surgery for his hydrocephalus. He is currently blind because the pressure is affecting his eyes. He will not live much longer without surgery. It is not too late for Timmy, not yet.

Anya and Timmy could be adopted together for a very low additional cost. They need families NOW! They don't have time to wait. Their lives depend on us.

Please, please pray for Timmy and Anya. Check out Timmy's page on Reece's Rainbow and consider donating to his grant fund.


Leanne said...
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jessicajanemilner said...

Aww bless him. My heart is breaking for Timmy too!

I would really like to know, what country Timmy is in. Im kindof interested in adopting, but I'd like to know more about his country's requirements. It would be great if you could tell me!
I can find out all of the requirements myself I'd just like to know the name of the country.

My email is prettypear@hotmail.co.uk

Timmy- So sorry angel, you sound like a great boy!

All the best!