Friday, January 27, 2012


We have had a rather "exciting" week. On Saturday, Lily had a fever and her nose & cough got suddenly worse. On Sunday she started wheezing, was sleeping more than normal and eating much less than usual. So on Monday morning I took her to the doctor.
Waiting in the doctor's office.
Monday was a long day. First they were just going to send us home with a bunch of prescriptions, but then while in the doctor's office they couldn't get her O2 sats high enough to be comfortable with that. So they sent us out for chest x-rays and told us to come right back, which we did. Her O2 sats were still low and the x-rays showed double pneumonia, which just means pneumonia in both lungs. They decided to send us to Roanoke Children's hospital.
Getting some oxygen while waiting in the ER:

At first they were going to let me drive her up there, and even go home first to grab a few things (like her Sildenafil), but when they called the hospital the pediatrician there was not comfortable with got sent by ambulance. It was Lily's first ambulance ride:

We hoped we would only be there for one night, but it turned into three nights. By the third day Lily was doing well enough to go to the play area.

Finally on Thursday she was discharged. Here she is playing in the windowsill that morning before we left:

Now we're home and taking it easy. We have had lots of support from family and friends, which has been awesome.


Erik and Ashley said...

great pictures to document your journey together and rejoice in her progress later! so glad she is back home and doing better. hope you are also able to get some rest in now.

Jolene said...

Oh my! Little princess needs some rest and prayer!

rosedel said...

Poor baby. Poor Mommy and Daddy. I'm so glad that you have good support and help.