Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lily's First Christmas!

As promised, here are the First Christmas photos. This first set was actually on the 22nd, opening a present from Rob's coworkers:
"What's this thing?"
"A bag? Oh, perfect!"
"Oh, a kitty! I get it now"

The next set is from Christmas Eve: she got a trampoline and a few other things...
First time on the trampoline
Trying to teach her how to open presents...
A new walking toy!
It works like this...
And plays music!

And finally on Christmas Day, more presents!
Her favorite "present" was the coffee table.
"Lily's First Christmas"
Mommy had to open most of the presents for her....
"Look at this mess! I didn't make it"
Happy New Year, everyone!


Annette said...

OMGoodness at the change in this angel. All she needed was the love and strength of beautiful parents. Can not wait to see her bloom even more in 2012!

PJH said...

I LOVE all of her poses! Our daughter got a trampoline this year, too, and she loves it!!

rosedel said...

In the bag picture it looks like she is signing "I love you". Wonderful pictures and it is so nice to see her enjoying her world. Did she like all the holiday busyness? Thanks so much for posting pictures, I really am enjoying watching her grow.

Kellan's momma said...

So cute!