Monday, January 9, 2012

Changes To Come

Hello Bloggy-world! This is just a quicky post to tell you about some of my plans for this blog.

But first, I know you all want an update on Lily :)

She is doing great! A few days ago (on 1-5-12) she started taking a few steps unassisted! The best part is that she thinks it's hilarious and is SOO proud of herself! You can just see it on her face, how proud she is :)

Also on 1-5-12 she started going to daycare a few mornings per week. In fact, she is there this morning and that's really the only reason ya'll are getting this update :).

So, the changes. Well, I'm planning to redesign the blog myself now that I have some Lily-free mornings. I am also going to try to post more (I know, I say that a lot). But really, with Lily in daycare some of the time, I think I might actually be able to follow through on that one. I work best in the mornings, especially when it comes to writing. And now I will have a few mornings to myself!

So here is a virtual toast to the new year and positive changes to come!


rosedel said...

Oh I'll bet our busy girl will enjoy daycare! Good for Mama too. :)

Catalina said...

So glad to hear that she is doing well, I was just thinking about her, actually. Her picture from the baby home was on my blog for a while, and I just realized, that it is time to put the picture of Lily's new life (with your permission, of course).
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