Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Zara's" Name Still Being Held Hostage....

....until we reach our goal of being fully-funded!! We are getting soooo close, I want to finish strong here!

Here is the breakdown:
Family Grant: $11,405
Donations on the way: $3,325
Riley's Grant: $1,100
Zara's Grant: $2,690
Promise Trust Deposit: $1000
TOTAL: $19,520

This means we are $480 away from being fully-funded!!! I have been asking the Lord to provide the remaining funds by this Friday. I know it can be done. PLEASE help us by sharing, spreading the word, and donating! Even the smallest gift, it all adds up!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I honestly don't know how we got this close. It seems like just yesterday we still needed $15,000. But now here we are, SOOO incredibly close, let's get there! I'm dying to share Zara's name with you!


The Mac's House said...

Jess, I've donated and posted on Facebook, trying to rally all those Hokie Fans to see this gorgeous little one get home! Let's hope it does some good and stirs those to donate.


littlelola said...

I just made a donation.... you are now $380 away :) Please email me at on Friday morning and let me know the remainder left... if their is and I will gladly donate and make sure you are fully funded by Friday

Daelyn said...

Donated again yesterday! :-)
God bless