Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seven Things Sunday

In no particular order:

1. On Friday I got hooded at the graduate commencement ceremony! Here is a picture of me with my advisor, Dr. Haskell:

And here is a picture of me in full regalia with my Dad:

2. Yesterday was Zara's 2nd birthday...we think. We've gotten two different birth dates at different points in the process, but we THINK yesterday was her actual one. We will find out for sure when we get in country!

3. Still no travel date yet. We're hoping to hear this week, but it might not be until next week.

4. STUFF. Stuff is accumulating in our house. Today we picked up our donated stroller from our friends David & Wendy, a few days ago our carseat came (thanks, Rachel & Jon, Erin, Jeremy, Kasie, Dr. Haskell and Eileen!), and yesterday I bought our crib and mattress. Also arriving last week was our diaper bag from my new friend Elizabeth!! Thank you!

5. Yesterday my mom and I went shopping for Zara and I think I have found *the* Gotcha Day outfit...or at least part of it:
To complete the ensemble I'm thinking some brown leggings and a lime green sweater (both yet to be found). What do you think?? It will be HOT, HOT, HOT when Gotcha Day comes, but in Zara's country all children must be overdressed by about 30 degrees. Otherwise we might be chewed out by some random Babushka on the street (or the orphanage nurses)!

6. We also found these at Once Upon A Child:
Oh yes, she will be a Hokie :)

7. Today I did the math with what donations I know are coming, and we are only $1000 away from being F-U-L-L-Y  F-U-N-D-E-D!!!!!! How amazing is that??? As an extra incentive, we have decided what we will name "Zara" but we are holding that information HOSTAGE until the last $1000 comes in! So if you want to know...well, please share and spread the word!
UPDATE: We just got a $500 donation so we are only FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS away from being fully funded!! Thank you thank you thank you!!


Leslie said...

Congratulations!!! Love all of your pictures! She'll be a great Hokie! (My Dad coached there for awhile in the 90s so our family roots for them too!)

Praying the remainder of your funding comes soon!!! How exciting!


one_plustwins said...


Daelyn said...

Looooove the "gotcha" out fit! :-)

The Mac's House said...

So close to fully funded, that's exciting.

I love the Hokie outfits. She is going to be so cute in them.

Kellan's momma said...

Sooo happy for you guys, and "Zara"! I can't wait to find out her name!