Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two Beautiful Words....

F.U.L.L.Y.  F.U.N.D.E.D.

Yup, that's what we are :). And a day earlier than I had asked for! God is so good, what an amazing testimony this has been for us.

Before we started this journey, the most money I had ever been able to raise (for a missions trip) was about $1500. I thought I was crazy when I "signed up" to raise $20,000. I'll be completely honest, most of the time I doubted. I knew God was able to do it, I just didn't know if He would. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow! And may God bless abundantly each and every one of you who contributed to our adoption fund.

Yes, it's a lot of money. It's a ransom. But isn't she worth it? Isn't Lily Anna StClair worth it?! :)

Now you know what we will name her. Her name has several meanings behind it, and I can't share all of them yet, but I will share two: 
1. Rob's grandmother's middle name is Lillian and that is the name she goes by. So our Lily is named after her.
2. A lily is a symbol of God's provision.
3. (This one has to wait until after our court date)

I want you all to know that we are fully funded because of small gifts. We did not have one large donor drop a lump sum of money on us (although I admit I was praying for that). The largest donation we have had is $2000, and we had three of those. The other $14000 has come from smaller gifts that added up. God takes even the smallest donation and multiplies it. I want you to know that. You are now a WITNESS to that!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a picture of Lily's complete Gotcha Day outfit.... :)

Oh, and THANK YOU!!!!


The Mac's House said...

Oh I'm thrilled. I was going to email you tomorrow and see where you stood with funds. I am more than pleased to read this.


one_plustwins said...

God Bless Lily Anna St. Clair!!!! Love the name!!

Mel said...

YAAAAAY!!!!! Love her name Jess!!!

Rochelle said...

Love her name!!! Congrats on funding!

Ashley said...

Wow...God is sooo good!!! And "Lily Anna" beautiful!! Love it!!

Lisa said...

oh my, I am so happy for you guys, this is such a beautiful thing to hear! I just love her name and can't wait to love her, too :)

Jill said...

An absolutely beautiful name. I love it and the special meaning behind it. Congrats on being fully funded too! Yay God!

Gretchen Thibault said...

Lily...a name meaning purity. Perfect!