Friday, March 25, 2011

Three Things Thursday (err...Friday!)

I know it's Friday, but "Three Things Friday" doesn't have the same ring to it and I may as well have written this post yesterday :)

1. ONE WEEK LEFT to enter our giveaway to win this beautiful, one-of-a-kind, handcarved necklace! To be entered simply donate through our Chip-In button above. Every $5 you donate gives you one entry in the drawing. We will be closing this giveaway next Friday! Also, if you share about our giveaway (facebook, twitter, blog, etc) you will get another FIVE entries! Just leave a comment so I know you've shared and I will put those entries into the virtual "hat". I would LOVE to raise $1000 with this fundraiser and we're over halfway to that goal...can you please help us reach it??

2. CARRINGTON UPDATE: Little Carrington is holding her own. She is a fighter! 

They have increased her feeds to 20 cc's per hour, and although she is still refluxing pretty badly and bringing up some of her feeds, the doctors don't think anything can be done about that until she has corrective surgery. Right now they are trying to "fatten her up" to be able to survive the surgery. Her weight has fluctuated: up to twelve pounds but now back down to eleven. Apparently that is pretty normal for her severe condition, so the doctors aren't worried. Her body is relearning what to do with food! When she is ready for surgery she will also get a g-button and they will try to take care of her teeth, which are mostly rotten and broken :(

3. PRAYER NEEDED for this family who was recently denied the adoption of their son. They are currently appealing the decision. Here is an incredibly touching video of them meeting their son for the first time in August:

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