Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh! Carrington...

I have some updates on sweet Carrington. She is in very, very critical condition and is fighting for her life as I type this.
The facts:
  1. At age 3.5, Carrington weighed just ELEVEN pounds when she arrived at the hospital a few days ago. This morning she has lost half a pound :(.
  2. Her severe reflux is not allowing her body to keep any food down, not even 5cc's/hour through a feeding tube.
  3. The doctors have now put the tube directly into her intestine, bypassing the stomach in the hopes of getting her some nutrition.
  4. Her body is shutting down in preparation for death.
  5. An MRI of her brain shows that part of it is missing. They will investigate this further after she is more stable.
It is a MIRACLE that she has lived this long! Please pray for her recovery. You can check this blog for updates on Carrington's status. I will also mention news here as I receive it.

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