Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bullet-Point Wednesday

Not quite as catchy as "Wordless Wednesday", but it'll hafta do. :)
  • I have officially rescheduled my dissertation defense for April 14. That gives me another two weeks before I need to send a draft to my committee. I plan to participate in the Fall ceremony since: a) I won't make the Spring commencement deadline, and b) We'll probably be traveling in mid-May anyhow. As my advisor put it, "The fall ceremony is shorter and not as hot!". Works for me.
  • We have now raised over $7000! So amazing to see God working. Thank you so much to all who have donated and prayed for us.
  • Unfortunately we still need another $13,000 to be fully funded and we are running out of time. We have about six weeks to raise the rest. I keep praying that the Large Donor Fairy will show up soon :). I've seen it happen with other families...our turn now, please?!
  • We got 31 documents back from Richmond with shiny apostilles yesterday! Now we're just waiting on our 2010 taxes to send the last few documents off for apostilles, and then we'll be ready to mail our Dossier to a Far Away Land!
  • That Far Away Land is once again considering putting a hold on adoptions while they change over to the Hague agreements, possibly as early as May. Please pray that adoptions remain open during the changeover, especially for special needs children. I don't think our adoption is in danger, but there are so, so many other families in the process that might potentially lose their children.
  • Completely off topic, I went for a run today with some great women from my church! It felt so good to be out there again, I haven't run in months because it was just too dang cold. Now that we're back on Daylight Savings Time (best day of the year in my opinion!) we can resume our 5:30-??pm runs without getting caught in the dark on the trail.
  • There are several orphans weighing heavily on my heart. Literally, on my heart, because they need heart, yesterday! I know we're saving Riley but can't I save them all?? At least the ones that will die if they don't get the surgery they need SOON? Why do they have to be in different countries and at different orphanages? Where are their families? I can't believe Vanessa doesn't have a family yet :(. I'll post more about this another day.
And as much as I love Daylight Savings Time, I don't love what it does to my body clock. Time for bed :)


Nicki said...

So glad you came out tonight! Wish I could have chatted with you more... hope to see you again out there soon! :)

Nicole said...

I cry my eyes out every time I see sweet little Vanessa's face. One more year before my husband and I are able to adopt (one of us has to be 25!) or that precious little girl would be coming home with me.
I am furiously praying she finds a family soon. :)

hannah said...

Hi Jess, I found your blog on Reece's rainbow and have been following your journey to Riley. I just wanted to let you know that Linny over at is doing a link up tomorrow for families in the midst of adopting. I thought it might be a good way for you to get word out about your fundraisers.