Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Journey of the Heart-Part One

This week I had the privilege of being a "guest blogger" on my church's downtown womens' ministry blog! Click here to check out my post from yesterday!

Here's an excerpt:
"I'll be honest. When we started this journey to try to adopt a little girl I met last summer, Vika, a special needs adoption was the farthest thing from my mind. Vika is a healthy, adorable, almost two-year-old, and in the process of trying to adopt her we discovered that she is not available for adoption.
But God knew that. He knew that I wasn't ready to pursue a special needs adoption, and so he sent Vika to capture my heart and get us started on the journey. We discovered Reece's Rainbow in the process, an organization that serves as a voice of hope for special needs children. I would occasionally look at the waiting children on their website and wonder who would ever adopt some of them, their needs were so great.

Then I saw the children who were HIV+. Completely healthy, most of them, except for that. "Why are these children so rejected?", I wondered. "All they need is some medication and a little extra precaution. There's no chance of 'catching' HIV from any of them". I have since come to realize that many people are very uneducated about HIV.  It is considered a very minor special need. I said to myself, "I could handle that!".

Then I saw Riley's picture and fell in love..."
Part Two will be posted next Friday....stay tuned :)


Kasi said...

Hello my name is Kasi. I discovered reece's rainbow in January and I believe it is an amazing ministry to get the word out about these precious kids. I am a prayer warrior and advocate for 4 children. Three of them have HIV. They hold a very special place in my heart. I recently discovered your blog and I am excited to read about your journey. Please visit my blog if you get a chance. Thanks! God Bless!

Sarah said...

Hi, Jess. I came over from the RR yahoo group when I saw your last post. Congrats on the dissertation triumph!
We also started out trying to adopt a non-special needs child before finding RR and our Caroline. There were lots of signs that we needed to adopt a waiting child, but it took seeing that little precious face to finally get us to leave our previous agency and get started working on getting our little girl!
I've always thought Riley was so adorable! I hope your process will be smooth and fast. :)