Friday, July 8, 2011

Saturday, July 2: Traveling Day

We started the day (not so) bright and early at 2am to pack. We let Lily sleep until it was time to leave at 3:30am. We got to the airport and everything went fine. When we went through security I was even allowed to keep Lily in the Ergo (though I did get a pat-down).

We met the Coleman family while waiting for our flight, which left at 6:45am. It's funny how many "airport reunions" we've had with other RR families. The first flight was two hours and Lily did pretty well. Daddy fell asleep during take off and Lily fell asleep on his chest. Mommy also slept a little bit.

We arrived in Munich, Germany and had a 3 hour layover. It took a little while to get through security again and I had to take Lily out of the Ergo for that (boo). While we were waiting at the gate we met the Mounts family! Another airport reunion!

Then it was time for the trans-atlantic flight from Munich to Dulles. We were able to pre-board and got the bulkhead seating we wanted! There were four in a row and I guess no one wanted to sit next to us (ha!) so we had all four seats to ourselves. It was wonderful! Lily had about four bottles on the flight and they warmed them up for us. The flight was eight hours and we were hoping Lily would sleep for most of it but no such luck. She finally fell asleep during the last hour and a half.

We landed in Dulles, put sleeping Lily in the Ergo and she fell right back to sleep. In fact, she slept all the way through customs, passport control, and security. She even slept though us taking her out of the Ergo to go through security and putting her back in! I kept her on my back for another hour or so once we got to our gate since she was sleeping so peacefully.

Our last flight from Dulles to Roanoke was very short: about 30 minutes in the air. Lily was the fussiest on that flight for some reason. When we arrived in Roanoke our friends Dan and Suzanne were waiting for us with our car, and the Moore family also surprised us there and got to meet Lily!

We put Lily in her first carseat and she really didn't mind it. She fell asleep on the drive back to Blacksburg and Daddy carried her right upstairs to the Pack 'N Play, where she slept for the rest of the night.

And with that, we were officially Home!

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Ashley said...

WOOOO!!!!! Welcome home, sweet Lily!!! Home for good!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!