Thursday, July 7, 2011

Friday, July 1: Embassy Day

I'm trying to get caught up on last week before I forget all the details!

Lily woke up around 6am on Friday morning. We fed her two bottles of mana kasha (aka cream of wheat). Around 9:45am we still hadn't heard from anyone about our Embassy appointment so we called our facilitator. Good thing we called because our driver was picking us up in 10 mins! So we put Lily in the Ergo and hurried out the door.

We got to the Embassy and went through security. Lily actually slept in the Ergo for that part! We had a bunch of paperwork to fill out/sign and fees to pay, so we did all that. It really didn't take too long. Then it was off to get her medical evaluation.

We did lots of waiting to see the nurse, then the doctor, then we had to wait for the documents to be ready. Luckily there was a little Cafe where we had lunch. We tried to feed Lily some of the things the orphanage told us she would eat (soup, mashed potatoes) but she was having none of it.

When the documents were ready we left to go pick up another family and head back to the Embassy. We sat in traffic. Lots. Of. Traffic. Back to the Embassy, back through security, more waiting. Finally the visa was in our hands!

Back in the car, back to the Traffic. It took us another hour to get back to our apartment. It was 5pm at this point, Lily hadn't eaten since 9am and we were exhausted. Rob went to the market to get more milk for her and I called Masha to see if she could come over. Thankfully she and her two roommates, Oksana and Helen, were able to find our apartment. They came over and cooked us a wonderful dinner, and of course met Lily.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures from that day, it was just too crazy. Next up, the flights home!

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