Friday, March 2, 2012

Eight Months Home!

Today marks exactly eight months since we arrived home with Lily! She is doing really well. Since she is about to turn three (March 14!) she will be leaving Early Intervention and will start receiving services from our local school system. Because of this she got re-evaluated last week and I thought I'd post the results here to see how far she's come!

Self-Care: 12 months
Social-Adult Interaction: 8 months
Social-Peer Interaction: < 24 months
Social-Self-Concept and Social Role: 11 months
Receptive Communication: 5 months
Expressive Communication: 10 months
Gross Motor: 11 months
Fine Motor: 10 months
Cognitive-Attention and Memory: 11 months
Cognitive-Perception and Concepts: 13 months

The only one I'm not sure I agree with is the receptive communication. I was pleased to see that her fine motor skills have caught up to her gross motor, and all her social/communication skills are at least at the eight-month level, which is appropriate since she's been home eight months. Go Lily!


The Mac's House said...

Oh my that header pic is so adorable! Way to go Lily, you're doing great improvement keep on working hard. I know that Mommy & Daddy are both so proud of every accomplishment!

rosedel said...

I can't wait to see where she is in 4 more months, after a year at home. I giggled at the receptive language score. I figured that Lily just chose not to do what they asked her to do. How motivated was she??? She will show her teachers what she is all about and they will giggle at that score too.

Dianne said...

I don't understand the timeline here. Is it months from the evaluation (so for self-care, 12 months from now)?

Jess said...

Dianne, it means she is operating at a 12-month-old level for self care (for example, she can take off her socks and almost her shoes; she helps with dressing/undressing by extending her arms and holding up her legs).

Erik and Ashley said...

wow this is so fantastic! yay lily!! i am super impressed! and yay PARENTS for doing a great job! :)